Rowheath Pavilion Birmingham | Pre Wedding Photography | Sarah + James

March 26, 2014  •  9 Comments

I had the real pleasure of catching up with James and Sarah, one of my 2014 couples who are all ready to tie the knot at Curradine Barns in a few months time.  It was a beautiful, crisp spring Sunday afternoon with the sun blazing down on us but with a slight nip in the air.  Sarah had chosen to meet at a location special to her, Rowheath Pavilion which I had not been to before but turned out to be a real hidden gem.  It was a day that will long last in mine and no doubt James and Sarah's mind, not only for the wonderful subjects that they turned out to be, but because .....I fell in the lake.  Yes, you read that correctly, whilst setting up one of the shots, I trudge along the waters edge running through the shot in my mind as I went.  Next thing i know, i was waste deep in water.... Luckily, I managed to save the camera with only my pride damaged.  The low point of the whole escapade was a bench full of old age pensioners pointing and laughing at me.  Later, one old boy even wondering over to have a good look at my wet jeans! The show must go on as they say so we got on with it with me squelching along and James & Sarah struggling to contain their laughter :-)


Follows are a selection of images taken during our stroll.....


Rowheath PavilionRowheath Pavilion Rowheath Park & LakeRowheath Park & Lake Spring image of Rowheath Pavilion   


Scott Wilson(non-registered)
What a great set of photos from such a simple setting.
Albert Palmer(non-registered)
What a fun couple! Great session Darren.
Ariana Watts(non-registered)
Cute session! They're adorable!
kong wai(non-registered)
very nice and very sweet
Aw, they're so sweet together! That stinks about the lake though, haha, at least you came through and got some really great shots!
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