Wollaton Hall | Pre Wedding Photography | Jodie + Phil

March 17, 2014  •  12 Comments

I was over Nottingham way the other week, meeting up with one of my soon to be married wedding clients for a pre wedding shoot/get together.  We decided to head down to Wollaton Hall and Park where we were hoping for a nice quiet stroll, catch up and some low key portraits ahead of the big day... that was the plan anyhow but on the day the sun decided to show itself for the first time in months so pretty much most of Nottingham decided to join us!

Follows are a selection of images taken during the day..........

Wollaton Hall silhouetteWollaton Hall silhouette

Deer in the grounds of Wollaton HallDeer in the grounds of Wollaton Hall


Scott Wilson(non-registered)
Really like the B&W tones on that first shot and a great set overall
Paul Fuller(non-registered)
What a lovely set of photos, great work Darren
wow! moose?? so cool! great pics!
Heather Elizabeth(non-registered)
Love how cute and cuddly this was that really showed the cold weather. Beautiful session!
Lovely setting and the natural shots are really nice.
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